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Swing Gate

GV-5000 Series / Exclusive Line

With motorized function in both directions, GateSet Exclusive Line GV-5000 Series Swing Gate Turnstiles provide an alternative way of regulating pedestrian traffic in access points which require an elegant design and robustness against high frequency usage. GV-5000 Series is compatible with international wheelchair standards thanks to passage width provided up to 90 cm. Its 15 mm thick Plexiglass swing arm provides safety against breaking while maximizing robustness. GV-5000 Series is an ideal option for access control points with high aesthetic value and a requirement for budget-friendly solution.

Functional Highlights
Usage Areas
Access Control

Access Restriction
Business Centers
Government Offices
Sport Centers
Industrial Plants

Featured Characteristics
Exclusive Design

Aesthetic outfit with satin finishing


Low maintenance requirement, long product life


Manufactured from 3 mm 304 grade stainless steel 15 mm thick Plexiglass arm


Bidirectional motorized movement allows passage in both directions


Printing of chosen logo is available with Plexiglass obstacle

Optional Accessories
Digital Counter
Digital Counter

If required, integrated digital counter provides passage count through digital screen

Button Control Unit
Button Control Unit

Designed for ease of operation from reception or supervision desks, remote or wired options

Photocell Sensor
Photocell Sensor

Gate wing is automatically opened when the Photocell Sensor beam is interrupted by a passanger

Stand-Alone Card Reader
Stand-Alone Card Reader

For sites without Access Control System, seamless stand-alone card reader is available

Drawings and Dimensions

* Subject to change depending on design or project needs without prior notice

Technical Specifications
GV-5000 Series
MATERIAL - MAIN BODY 3 mm 304 grade stainless steel
MATERIAL - SWING  ARM  15 mm illuminated safety Plexiglass 
TREATMENT - OTHER PARTS All other parts are coated against corrosion
DIMENSIONS (mm) 180 x 1030 x 1070 (WxLxH)
SWING ARM LENGTH (mm) 850 mm
OPERATING VOLTAGE 115-240 V AC / 24V DC - 50-60 Hz
NOMINAL / MAX. CURRENT 100 mA / 500 mA
ACCESS CONTROL Microprocessor based control for granting access, easy integration with all access control equipment 
POSITION DETECTION Position detection with two separate micro-switches at mechanics
DIRECTIONAL MODE Bidirectional motorized operation
ROTATION CONTROL Motion start and stop are controlled by PWM
CAPACITY Handling more than 30 passengers per minute
DESIGN While aesthetic design with illuminated glass arm provides good outlook, its modularity ensures ease of installation and part replacement
CUSTOMIZATION Printing of chosen logo is available with Plexiglass obstacle
INSTALLATION Stainless steel modular installation platform/base
OPERATION SAFETY Electrical and mechanical safety for all component. To avoid injuries, all corners and sides are rounded
ELECTRICAL FAILURES Main mechanism released and unlocked automatically. Swing arm moves freely
ACCESSORIES Button Control (standard), Remote Control Receiver and Transmitter (optional)