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GTR Series

Brand new member of GateSet Rising Arm Barriers, GTR Series is designed to meet latest requirements of the industry while inheriting all high-end features of the previous GateSet barrier models. In order to provide traffic control in extremely busy areas, GTR Series is equipped with frequency inverter which controls a powerful motor with intricate precision, achieving a smooth arm operation even at the highest speeds such as 0.6 seconds. With 100% duty cycle, GTR Series Rising Arm Barriers are able to handle more than 10,000 vehicles per day.

Usage Areas
Access Control

Toll Gates
Car Parking Areas
Business Centers
Industrial Plants
Government Offices
Military Compounds

Featured Characteristics
Cutting Edge

Possesses top of the line features of crash detection with break arm function, movement and position indication with proximity sensors, rendering it compliant with standards such as HCIS (with optional accessories)


Smooth speed and movement control with frequency inverter, providing the highest operation speed of 0.6 seconds with seamless movement at limit positions


Stands out from subsidiary products with aesthetic design on top of exceeding all industrial expectations


Ability to release the arm for manual operation with a single action

Heavy Duty

Suitable for intense usage at high frequency access control points, supporting 10,000+ movements per day

Optional Features
Manual Operation Switch
Manual Operation Switch

Manual Operation Switch is available optionally to control barrier. When switch is on, barrier arm is raised without triggering any alarm and no other command is accepted. When switch is off, barrier arm closes and automatic operation is resumed.

Crash Detector Arm
Crash Detector Arm

In cases where arm is hit by a vehicle, the arm breaks away and alarm is triggered by a proximity sensor.
With this feature, both the mechanism of the barrier is saved from damage, and hostile vehicles are detected

90° Articulated Arm
90° Articulated Arm

For sites with height limitations, barrier arm can optionally be configured to fold with an angle of 90°, preventing any movement interference and providing ease of installation in confined areas such as underground parking lots.

180° Articulated Arm
180° Articulated Arm

For sites with height limitations, barrier arm can optionally be configured to fold with an angle of 180°, preventing any movement interference and allowing extra space for higher vehicles

Optional Accessories
LED Striped Top Cover
LED Striped Top Cover

Aluminum Cast top cover with LED stripe is available to enhance barrier outlook and visibility

Loop Sensor
Loop Sensor

Loop Sensor can be added either to enhance operation safety or trigger barrier movement

Flashing Light
Flashing Light

24 V DC Flashing Light can be used to enhance visibility and safety during operation

Traffic Lights
Traffic Lights

Red - Green colored, Power LED technology, 200 mm diameter, delivered with galvanized post

Remote Control (Wireless)
Remote Control (Wireless)

Wireless Remote Control System with receiver and transmitter units, with rolling code security

Control Keyboard (Wired)
Control Keyboard (Wired)

Designed for Guard Rooms, ABC Series control boards can be used to command barriers

Drawings and Dimensions
Rising Arm Barrier
Rising Arm Barrier

Subject to change depending on design or project needs without prior notice

Technical Specifications
GTR Rising Arm Barriers
CASE DIMENSIONS  340 x 300 x 1020 mm (WxLxH)
MATERIAL Barrier case: 1.5 mm heat treated powder coating with anti-rust layer (standard)  
  304 grade stainless steel case (optional) Motor and gearbox holder: 10 mm galvanized steel sheet
RISING ARM 80 mm Diameter Circular white (RAL9016) aluminum boom with reflective stripes. Up to 6 meters (standard) 
TOP COVER 1.5 mm heat treated powder coating with anti-rust layer (standard)
  10 mm cast aluminum with LED Stripe for enhanced visibility (optional)
OPENING / CLOSING TIME From 0.6 seconds at 3 meters arm to 2.5 seconds at 6 meters arm 
  Adjustable from 0.6 to 6 seconds with parameter setup depending on requirements
OPERATION FREQUENCY 6,000+ consecutive movements supported with 100% duty cycle 
  Suitable for handling 10,000+ vehicle passage per day
SPEED CONTROL Operation speed, ramp-up, ramp-down control parameters adjustment on Frequency Inverter panel 
POWER INPUT 220 V AC Single Phase 
MOTOR 0.75 kW, 380 V AC 3 phases 50-60 Hz controlled by Frequency Inverter 
MOVEMENT CONTROL Smooth Control down to Zero Speed with Control Techniques Inverter 
MANUAL OPERATION Manual Rotating Key in Case of Power Outage
POSITION CONTROL Inductive limit switches with physical position adjustment for down and up positions 
AUTO CLOSE Barrier automatically closes itself, close time is adjustable
OBSTACLE DETECTION Arm detects obstacle in both direction and reverse operation instantly 
CRASH DETECTION Arm releases itself automatically from its mounting point when hit by vehicle (optional) 
AMBIENT HUMIDITY 100% RH or less (without condensation)
PROTECTION CLASS Barrier Case: IP54, Electronics: IP65
ACCESS CONTROL Compatible with all kinds of access equipment
  Seamless integration with GateSet Parking Management Systems 
INSTALLATION Slotted external mounting plate for robust and easy installation 
FOUNDATION DIMENSIONS 400 x 400 x 400 mm (WxLxH)
OPTIONAL FEATURES Manual Operation Switch, Crash Detector with Swing Arm, 90o Articulated Arm, 180o Articulated Arm 
ACCESSORIES (STANDARD) Integrated Photocell, Button Control (standard)
ACCESSORIES (OPTIONAL) Cast Aluminum Top Cover with LED Stripe, Loop Sensor, Flashing Light, Remote Control, Traffic Lights
WARRANTY 2 years